Welcome to Sommerszene´s press area. Here you will find texts and photos of events and projects in the frame of the festival Sommerszene 2024. Use of this material for reporting purposes is free of charge. Please note that fees for the use of these images will only be waived when relating to SZENE Salzburg and crediting the copyright holder as detailed in the files´ names.


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Sommerszene Presseunterlagen
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Luke Jerram


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Marco da Silva Ferreira


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Iris Dittler


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Die Welt im Ganzen

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Ivana Kalc & Igor Koruga

Why not (?)

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Marta Górnicka

A Song For Wartime

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INFLUX/Nayana Keshava Bhat

Manifesto of the Now

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Rosana Ribeiro/Selva

A place I ache to go again

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Nacera Belaza

L ´Onde

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Applied Theatre

Feminist Cities

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Fouad Boussouf


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Lenio Kaklea & BODHI PROJECT

Chemical Joy

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