SZENE Theatre, 377 seats
SZENE Theatre, 377 seats
SZENE Theatre, 610 seats
SZENE Theatre, 610 seats
SZENE Theatre, no seats
SZENE Theatre, no seats


• Stage
Flat sprung wooden floor, maximum 15m wide, 10,50m deep, 0-level, backstage is 9,00m wide and 3m deep, 377 seats. Stage gets smaller in upstage direction (see plans).
Due to the telescope-stand the capacity of seats can be raised up to 610, depth of stage 7m and no backstage in this case. Completely retracted telescope-stand gives standing room for 700 people.
Height from stagefloor at 0-level to the bottom of the light grid is 7,5m.

• Black masking
Back drop curtain on an own pipe, legs fixed on the grid with bars, all in velvet.
Any other masking is molton.

• Dance carpet 15m x 10m in black or white

• Loading door near downstage, width 2,20m x height 2,40m

• Electricity

Max possible power 145kW at the same time!
1x    3ph, CEE 100A 50Hz dimmer used for lighting
3x    3ph, CEE 80A 50Hz dimmer used for lighting
1x    3ph, CEE 63A 50Hz backstage dimmer used for motors
1x    3ph, CEE 32A 50Hz backstage for moving heads
1x    3ph, CEE 32A 50Hz backstage with an isolating transformer used for sound
3x    3ph, CEE 16A, 1x backstage right, 2x stage
4x    220V, 16A Schuko plug sockets in stagearea
• Dressing Rooms:       
3 rooms a 18qm on 3 floors, all with sinks and mirrors
1 room 40qm on 3d floor
4 showers in cellar
washing machine & dryer in cellar



• Lightdesk: 
1x ETC Gio@5
1x ETC Ion
+ Fader Wing 2 x 20
• Dimmer: 108 pcs. a 2500W Dimmer, 6 pcs. a 5000W Dimmer
• Projectors:
8x Movinghead Sola Wash 1000
6x Movinghead SolaFrame 1500
8x SGM Q7 LED-Floodlights
6x Showtec Suntrip Active Halogen
6x Arena Par Zoom Elation (10° - 60°, RGBW)
6x Arena Q7 Zoom Elation (10° - 60°, RGBW)
5x bar with 6 pcs. PAR 64
52x Single PAR 64
6x   Floor PAR 64
12x 2kW PC ADB
6x   2kW Fresnel ADB
3x   5kW Fresnel
20x 1,2kW Fresnel Robert Juliat 310HF
30x 1,2kW PC Robert Juliat 310HM
19x 1kW Profil Niethammer EniZoom 15/38°
10x 1,2kW Profil Robert Juliat 613SX 28/54°
12x 750W Profil ETC S4 Zoom 15°/30°
6x   1kW assym. Floods Iris
1x 1,2kW Robert JuliatFollow Spot Topaze 1119CS
1x   Titanstrobe 1,5 KW Showtec
15x Stairville QCL rgbw 24x10W (hall lights)
1x   Smoke Factory Tour-Hazer II
7x   stands with cranks – 3,8m
Basic colours available (please discuss with our technicians)


• Speakers/Amps:
Kling & Freitag Line Array System incl. 
6x Sequenza 10N Black/7 x 77, 2way (2+1) Fullrange Element 
4x Sequenza 10W Black/7 x 100, 2way (2+1) Fullrange Element 
4x Sequenza 5W Black/15 x 100, passive system, downfill
6x Nomos LT 2 x 15 subwoofer 
4x Gravis 8W Black/85 x 55 nearfill
Labgruppen 4x K&F 80-4, 1x K&F 120-4, 4x IPD 2400
8x Kling & Freitag Szena 15 Stagemonitors inkl. 8 Ch-Lab-Amps

2x D&B F1 incl. Controller & Amps

2x D&B B1 incl. Controller & Amps

8x Nexo PS 10 inkl. Controller & Amps
• Desk:
1x Allen & Heath dlive S7000
1x  Yamaha M7CL 48 channels
• Mikrophones:
7x Shure SM 58
8x Shure SM 57
1x Shure Beta 57
1x Shure B 52
1x Shure B 91
1x Shure SM 819
1x Shure SM 98
4x Altec Lansing C 643
2x Altec Lansing C 649
2x Oktava MK 319
2x Oktava MC 012-01
2x AKG 562BL PZM
2x AKG D 330
3X AKG D 125
1x AKG D 112
4x AKG C 1000S
4x AKG D 3800
4x AKG D 22
2x AKG C 414B
4x Shure BT 87 radio microphone
2x Shure B 87/SM 58 radio microphone
2x Shure GLXD4 beltpack
2x Shure GLXD4 reciever
4x Shure GLXD4 akku
4x Shure QLXD4
4x Shure QLXD4 beltpack
1x Sennheiser MKH 40
2x Sennheiser MKE 2 (for Shure Funk)
2x Sennheiser MKE 2-5-3 (for Shure Funk)

• Players:
1x MiniDisc Player (Autostop)
1x CD Player (Autostop)
• Additional
3x DI, BSS–AR 116
2x DI, BSS AR-133
2x DI passive
4x DI BSS-AR 133
8x Line Groundlift
1x dbx DriveRack PA
18x Mic-stands big
14x Mic-stands small
1x axxent Intercom C100S incl. 4x beltpack



1x Panasonic PT-RZ570 Laserprojector
1x Stumpfl Vario Projection Screen 16:9,
580cm x 326cm picture diameter, 600cm x 346cm outer diameter incl. projection films allowing front and rear projection

Complete stock of material only available if no devices are under repair!