Sommerszene 2021

salon emmer (AUT)

JUMP! 30.000 leaps across the station forecourt

  • SZENE Salzburg
©salon emmer
©salon emmer

Together with 15 dance-mad Salzburgers, the collective salon emmer will leap across the station forecourt to pulsating beats. As in a living lexicon of leaps, an almanac of bouncing, getting off the ground and frolicking, jumps mutate and spatial formations shift.

The dance community created especially for Sommerszene looks for the essence of this primal gesture in the contemporary body. It considers the motives that underlie a jumping movement, plays with its dynamics and unleashes its primal energy that ignites the audience like a spark and invites them to start jumping too. JUMP! is a exhortation to jump up passionately, rebelling against gravity, to gather collective strength and expend it uninhibitedly.
30 mins


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