Sommerszene 2024

Iris Dittler (AUT)

Skins (...these internal microphones; these external antennae)

©Clara Wildberger
©Clara Wildberger

Do 6. June 18:00, Duet, 50 min
Mi 12. June 18:00, Solo, 30 min
Exhibition from 7. June till 20. July 2024

The artist Iris Dittler is in Salzburg as a guest of the Stadtgalerie Lehen. During Sommerszene she
will also present a performative moment as part of her exhibition. A body that dances, glides, glistens, moves as if it were under water. The boundaries blur, not only between outside and inside. What is underneath the skin is washed upwards, finds form and enters into dialogue.

SKINS is created as a performative installation between sound, dance and visual art. It is conceived against the backdrop of an examination of the history of medicine, the development of medical instruments and diagnostic technologies. Sculptural objects serve as instruments to explore the body space. The performers do not use the objects functionally, but enter into a resonance relationship with them.

Iris Dittler is a visual artist and performer based in Vienna. Her cross-disciplinary installations and performances are created in the area where contemporary dance and visual arts overlap, and generate an artistic vocabulary shaped by Dittler’s autonomous approach. Her work is consistently grounded in a thorough examination of our physical and psychic make-up. Iris Dittler has presented solo exhibitions at numerous international institutions. Her performances have been seen at a range of venues including Centquatre-Paris, the Tanzquartier in Vienna and both the Théâtre de l’Étoile du Nord and the Marcelle Alix Gallery in Paris.

Concept/Installation: Iris Dittler
Performance: Ghislaine Louveau, Iris Dittler
Sound: Andreas Trobollowitsch
Costumes: Vera Liulko
Text: Sophie Reyer
Technical Construction: Bartholomäus Kinner, Len Hanak-Hammerl
Special Thanks to Daniela Palma Caetano Auer, Sabina Holzer, Jack Hauser and Liz King/D.ID Dance Identity.
This project was supported by Otto Mauer Fonds, Stadt Wien Kultur, Land Burgenland, Bildrecht, BMKÖS and residencies at D.ID Dance Identity as well as Bears in the Park. It was awarded the Kery Price by Burgenland Stiftung Kery in 2023.

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