Sommerszene 2022

Die Rabtaldirndln (AUT)

Betongold – Ein städtischer Schwank

  • SZENE Salzburg
@Nikola Milatovic
@Nikola Milatovic
Betonfieber - Short film

Imagine there is an exclusive sports complex that only partly exists for people to indulge in sport. Because this is also where an elite meet and share out the last construction opportunities amongst themselves. We see building contractors, bank directors, architects, urban planners and civil servants continue to put in appearances, because every now and then a mayor will be there and something might work out. Often a number two will slake his thirst in this prettiest corner of town. This is how money and decision makers meet and conveniently the ideal building firm is often sitting right at the table. This is the setting for the farce by the Rabtaldirndln, who play all the roles and situations from the mayor to investors. Anyone who is there, belongs. It’s going to be tough, as tough as cast concrete, until the last bit of greenery has disappeared.

The Rabtaldirndln is a four-person theatre collective from Graz, who have been continually working on a formal language of their own since 2003. Their productions are urban, often featuring elements from pop culture, characterized by great sensitivity and universal appeal. Most recently their diptych-like play BETON­ FIEBER/BETONGOLD got to the heart of the urgently topical theme of soil sealing. Precisely this kind of work, exploring the tensions between urban and rural culture, is the Rabtaldirndln’s USP. Their productions are also notable for their strong feminist views.

In German language.
Artist Talk following the performance.

Idea & Concept: Die Rabtaldirndln and Ed. Hauswirth • Direction: Ed. Hauswirth • Actresses: Barbara Carli, Bea Dermond, Rosa Degen-Faschinger, Gudrun Maier • Technique: Tom Bergner • Set/Costume: Georg Klüver-Pfandtner • Dramaturgy: Gerda Saiko • Music: Benno Hiti • Coproduction & Cooperation Partners: steirischer herbst, Schauspielhaus Graz, Theaterland Steiermark, SZENE Salzburg, brut Wien, Kosmos Theater Wien, Roxy Theater Basel, toxic dreams, Impulse Theaterfestival • Supported by: City of Graz, Province of Styria