Sommerszene 2021

Theater ecce (AUT)

Im Einkaufstempel – Ich Biomüll

  • SZENE Salzburg
©Foto Flausen
©Foto Flausen

On this occasion the LAUBE VOLXtheaterwerkstatt will meet at Salzburg’s largest shopping centre. The Temple of Shopping becomes the home of both fulfilled and unfulfilled desires. The audience will meet consumers hunting for bargains, fulfilment or a lost child.  Last minute shoppers meet dreamers, people in a hurry, tasters, the undecided and flaneurs...

But will they find the recognition they long for by queueing for the till or will their plastic-free bag containing that little piece of happiness suddenly turn out to have a hole in it? Are social bonds really still possible in a supermarket society? Where else can the effects of modern consumerism be better explored than in a shopping centre? And after the shopping has been unpacked and consumed, the waste needs to be disposed of. In Part 2, I am Bio Waste, we meet again by the bins, at the recycling centre … 

80 min, in German

Es spielen: Teilnehmer*innen der LAUBE VOLXtheaterwerkstatt Salzburg und Saalfelden
Choreographie: Anna Adensamer
Inszenierung: Reinhold Tritscher
Musik: Robert Kainer, Klaus Kircher
Eine Koproduktion des Theater ecce und SZENE Salzburg
In Kooperation mit den VOLXtheaterwerkstätten Salzburg und Saalfelden, ARGEkultur und OVAL - die Bühne im EUROPARK


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