Salzburger FestspieleStefan Kaegi | Asmik Grigorian | David Yang | Miller Puckette | Morpheus

KI & Art – A performative discussion with an AI called Morpheus

Asmik Grigorian
Asmik Grigorian ©Olivia Kahler

€ 25.–

The far-reaching potential of AI sparks interest and at the same time raises reasonable concerns about its unpredictable impact on the arts world and our lives in general. IT experts will initially demonstrate the possibilities of AI, then representatives from the art world will discuss whether AI can create something artistically valid. Finally, a special panellist will join the discussion: Morpheus, an AI model with an emotional component. It will explain its own opinion on this topic and answer questions from the audience.

In cooperation with CultTech Association and Ars Electronica