Salzburger Festspieleradio.string.quartet

Fest zur Festspieleröffnung

©Jana Madzigon
©Jana Madzigon

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 The radio.string.quartet presents a unique musical event with B:A:C:H – like waters, dressed in the guise of a powerful 3D sound show. With an innovative, holistic concept that marks a clear departure from the conventional concert situation where the audience is positioned frontally to the stage, the radio.string.quartet transcends the boundaries between classical music and contemporary sound language, exploring new ways of conceptualizing a concert. In this program, the ensemble carefully translates Bach's breathtakingly perfect music from the legendary G minor Violin Sonata into the 21st century, shaping the tones in its own innovative, contemporary language without presuming to alter their significance or content.

The theme "water and its flow" serves as the overarching narrative that spans the concert experience – a musical story presented as an unparalleled sonic experience. The Bach epic like waters, starting as a gentle trickle, swells as it flows through the musical worlds, culminating in a torrential stream with the magnificent Presto at the end of the journey – a flowing musical force of nature, powerful and beautiful at the same time. Featuring Bernie Mallinger, Sophie Abraham, Cynthia Liao, and Igmar Jenner. The sound design is by Peter Otto Moritz.