Sommerszene 2024

Marco da Silva Ferreira (PRT)


  • SZENE Salzburg
©José Caldeira
©José Caldeira

The outstanding Portuguese choreographer Marco da Silva Ferreira opens this year’s Sommerszene with his high-energy, virtuoso piece Carcaça. Right from the start, the ten dancers and two musicians create an infectious atmosphere that grips the audience and transforms the theatre into a bubbling, vibrant collective.

In Carcaça we encounter dance as a cultural practice that creates communities and produces an intuitive flow of movement. Ever since humans existed, they have danced. How is a community’s identity forged between past events and the desire to frame the future? What should be forgotten and what should be reconstructed?

The dancers’ leg work forms the key element of this precisely worked choreography. At breakneck speed they hop from one leg to the other, spin around and cross the stage area. They approach each other, smile and in the next moment attempt to separate again. As they do this, they reference and process a number of divergent dance movements, ranging from traditional folk dances to elements of urban dance styles such as waacking and kuduro. Carcaça, in English “carcass”, represents both an end and a new beginning that unleashes a decisive movement in the direction of communality and freedom.

Marco da Silva Ferreira lives and works in Portugal. He danced for Hofesh Shechter and since his first own creations, he has cultivated a high-intensity style that demands physical strength and endurance from his dancers. In Carcaça he raises this extremely physical style to a new level and explores the potential of dance to engage politically and create communities in impressive fashion.

4. June, around 10pm: Aftershow-Party feat. DJ Nelsoniq (Cie. Marco da Silva Ferreira)

Choreography and Artistic Direction: Marco da Silva Ferreira
Artistic Assistance: Catarina Miranda
Performers: André Speedy, Cácá Otto Reuss, Fábio Krayze, Leo Ramos, Marc Oliveras Casas, Marco da Silva Ferreira, Maria Antunes, Max Makowski, Mélanie Ferreira, Nelson Teunis
Originalcast: Nala Revlon
Original Cast: Nala Revlon
Sound and Technical Direction: João Monteiro
Light Design: Cárin Geada
Music: João Pais Filipe (percusionist) and Luís Pestana (eletronic music)
Costumes: Aleksandar Protic
Scenography: Emanuel Santos
Antropological Studies: Teresa Fradique
Portuguese Folk Dance: Joana Lopes
Production Direction: Mafalda Bastos
Executive Production: Mafalda Bastos and Joana Costa Santos
Production Structure: P.ulso
Diffusion: Art Happens