Sommerszene 2024

Lenio Kaklea (GRC) | BODHI PROJECT (AUT)

Chemical Joy

  • SZENE Salzburg
©Alice Silveira
©Alice Silveira

The successful collaboration between BODHI PROJECT and the Sommerszene continues this year with a commissioned work by the internationally renowned choreographer Lenio Kaklea. For this new stage piece five dancers from BODHI PROJECT explore the theme of youth. We are surrounded by a multitude of products aimed at and supposedly made for ‘youth’: pop music, video clips, social media, fashion, electronic cigarettes, sodas, amusement parks, films, night clubs and cultural events. An entire market is oriented towards, nourished by and supposedly responsive to what youth wants. Together with the dancers Lenio Kaklea creates a highly dynamic choreographic score that questions what it means to be, feel, look, or simply identify or not with being young today.
Lenio Kaklea is a dancer, choreographer, director and writer born in Athens and based in Paris. She studied at the National Conservatory of Contemporary Dance in Athens and continued her dance career at the CNDC in Angers, before taking a master’s degree in arts and politics with French philosopher Bruno Latour. Since 2009, Lenio Kaklea has been developing a distinctive style for the stage, inspired by feminism and cultural studies.
Founded in 2008 by the artistic director of SEAD, Susan Quinn, the internationally touring company BODHI PROJECT is a showcase for new choreographic voices on the contemporary dance scene. Its repertoire covers a broad spectrum of styles while focusing on the theatrical elements and strong stage presence of its ensemble.

Choreographer: Lenio Kaklea
Performers: BODHI PROJECT dance company (Gorik Bellemans, Mira Huszár, Jaeger Wilkinson, Jeanne Procureur, Luisa Heilbron)
Light design: Frank Lischka
Costume Design: Olivier Mulin
Sound Design: Eric Yvelin
Production: blackmountain
Co-Production: SZENE Salzburg
Residencies: SEAD, SQfarm, Probehaus Salzburg
Supported by Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg, BMKÖS, SEAD