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Ingri Fiksdal_Diorama Salzburg.Die Stadtversion_© Istvan Virag
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gold extra

gold extra

BORDER GRID © Bernhard Müller(917.80 KB) Download
5th COMMANDMENT © gold extra(513.99 KB) Download
BRIEFS © gold extra(171.80 KB) Download
Sommerszene 2022
Pressemappe(1.08 MB) Download
Programme(7.66 MB) Download
Timetable(499.08 KB) Download
Moritz Ostruschnjak

TANZANWEISUNGEN (it won’t be like this forever)

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© Bernhard Müller(681.51 KB) Download
© Wilfried Hösel(551.30 KB) Download
Rimini Protokoll

The Walks

© Expander Film(1.84 MB) Download
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© ohnetitel(1.21 MB) Download
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PLANET 09 – Eine Spekulation

© Yvonne Schäfer(1.38 MB) Download
© Wolfgang Lienbacher(1.95 MB) Download
© Wolfgang Lienbacher(2.36 MB) Download
© Wolfgang Lienbacher(1.63 MB) Download
© Wolfgang Lienbacher(1.76 MB) Download
(2.29 MB) Download
Ginevra Panzetti/Enrico Ticconi

A e R e A

© Gianluca Di Ioia(1.83 MB) Download
© Gianluca Di Ioia(1.41 MB) Download
© Gianluca Di Ioia(1.57 MB) Download
© Gianluca Di Ioia(1.34 MB) Download
© Gianluca Di Ioia(1.16 MB) Download
Lia Rodrigues


© Sammi Landweer(1.67 MB) Download
© Sammi Landweer(1.71 MB) Download
© Sammi Landweer(1.53 MB) Download
© Sammi Landweer(1.66 MB) Download
© Sammi Landweer(1.61 MB) Download
Elena Fokina & BODHI PROJECT

Fly Me To The Moon

© Bernhard Müller(3.09 MB) Download
CieLAROQUE/Helene Weinzierl


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© Jazz & The City 2021_Henry Schulz(6.25 MB) Download
HÖRFRAU Kollektiv


© Wolfgang Lienbacher(1.74 MB) Download
© Wolfgang Lienbacher(2.05 MB) Download
© Wolfgang Lienbacher(1.11 MB) Download
© Wolfgang Lienbacher(2.13 MB) Download
© Wolfgang Lienbacher(3.00 MB) Download
Applied Theatre goes Sommerszene
Als Alle Ohren Hören Konnten - Audioinstallation © applied theatre 2021(868.13 KB) Download
Documentary Project 2022 © Bernhard Müller(1.20 MB) Download
Dance until we die © Mitzi Gugg(1.41 MB) Download
Dance until we die © Mitzi Gugg(1.94 MB) Download
Dance until we die © Mitzi Gugg(1.29 MB) Download
Dance until we die © Mitzi Gugg(2.53 MB) Download
Lehen Surprise
CieLAROQUE/Helene Weinzierl HEAR AND NOW © Bernhard Müller(999.07 KB) Download
Potpourri Dance © Marko Mestrovic(438.06 KB) Download
salon emmer TRACES © salon emmer(2.93 MB) Download
gold extra GAME DAYS © gold extra(898.27 KB) Download
© The VoiceBreakers(272.91 KB) Download
Hungry Sharks


© Kilian Kovacs(1.39 MB) Download
© Christine Miess(1.43 MB) Download
© Christine Miess(1.22 MB) Download
© Christine Miess(1.36 MB) Download
© Christine Miess(549.85 KB) Download
Forced Entertainment
© Hugo Glendinning(642.11 KB) Download
Die Rabtaldirndln

BETONGOLD – Ein städtischer Schwank

© Nikola Milatovic(3.07 MB) Download
Lisa Hinterreithner

This is not a garden / vegetal encounters

© Mitzi Gugg(1.34 MB) Download
© Mitzi Gugg(856.51 KB) Download
© Mitzi Gugg(1.39 MB) Download
© Mitzi Gugg(1.65 MB) Download
© Mitzi Gugg(750.96 KB) Download
© Mitzi Gugg(1.48 MB) Download
© Eva Würdinger(6.15 MB) Download

T-shirt conversations

© buren(451.10 KB) Download
Jan Martens

Sweat Baby Sweat

© Klaartje Lambrechts(2.23 MB) Download