Feminist Futures Festival 2022

Jule Flierl (DEU)


  • SZENE Salzburg
©Caroline Böttcher
©Caroline Böttcher

In her vocal dance performance Störlaut, Jule Flierl embarks on a futuristic-speculative reinterpretation of the sound dances created by the 1920s grotesque burlesque dancer Valeska Gert. The concept of sound dance was developed by Gert to illustrate the change from silent dance to vocal dance in ‘Western’ dance history. In her solo performance Jule Flierl shares the available floor space with the audience, who become part of a landscape of dissonances. Squealing, bellowing, rattling, stammering, cackling, panting, retching, whimpering, shrieking: this is the material that gives voice to a discourse outside of language, speaking with emotional directness.

In German and English.

is an artist from Berlin who works with choreography and voice. Using choreography and somatic singing methods, her scores unsettle the relationship between seeing and hearing: what you see is not always what you hear, and what you hear is not always what you see. Jule graduated from SEAD Salzburg, holds an MA in choreography at EXERCE Montpellier and continually studies the somatic voice method Lichtenberger Methode. She co-hosts the series FROM BREATH TO MATTER in Berlin.

Concept, choreography, perfomance: Jule Flierl
Dramaturgy: Luise Meier
Set design: Pauline Brun
Sound design: Sam Hertz
Costume: Lea Kieffer
Production: Alexandra Wellensiek
Lights: Emese Csorni

Produced by Charleroi Danses Brussels, Rencontres chorégraphiques internationales de Seine-Saint-Denis Paris, P-Bodies Festival Leipzig, Goethe Institut, Honululu Nantes, AdK Archiv Berlin, Kunsthaus KuLe Berlin, CND Paris, Zagreb Dance Center und SOPHIENSÆLE.
Supported by Fonds Transfabrik – a German-French Fund for Performing.

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