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  • SZENE Salzburg

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©Raphael Mittendorfer
©Raphael Mittendorfer
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©Potpourri Dance

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In a whirlwind of societal pressure and constant expectations, four house dancers move within a space permeated by uncertainty and the weight of decisions. Their dance tells the story of the inability to breathe in a vacuum of expectations and constraints, while the world around them demands answers.
Vakuum is a powerful and moving portrayal of the challenges and hopes that today's generation faces.

As part of Young Vibes, the program series of SZENE Salzburg for a young audience, choreographers Olivia Mitterhuemer & Farah Deen from Potpourri Dance present their latest work, Vakuum, a dance piece exploring the themes of house dance and house culture, community and empowerment, posture and voice.

Recommended for ages 12 and up.

Artistic Direction & Idea: Farah Deen, Olivia Mitterhuemer
Choreography: Farah Deen, Olivia Mitterhuemer in collaboration with the performers
Dance: Dominique Elenga, Rafael Hellweg, Rosa Perl, Michela Galiceanu
Dramaturgical advice: Florian Bilbao
Music edit: Patrick Gutensohn (Good Lee)
Costume: Magdalena Neuburger
Lighting design: Heide Tömpe
Stage design: Alma Rothacker
Produced by SZENE Salzburg and Potpourri Dance