Sommerszene 2022

ohnetitel – netzwerk für theater-und kunstprojekte (AUT)


  • SZENE Salzburg

Did you hear about the POP­AMT, and immedi­ately a song with a personal memory came into your head? Then come to us if you wish, bring your record, cassette, CD or your diary with you ...! Enter the world of revolving turntables and old diary entries welcome to the B side of life!

With their current project, ohnetitel enter unoccupied theatrical territory. They have set up a new administrative department for Salzburg, the POP­AMT. In this temporary local government office, which is only open during Sommerszene, everything revolves around pop music. Who doesn’t have an inextinguishable soundtrack that immediately recalls that moment when life was so vivid? And what government office ever took an interest in it? With the POP­AMT, ohnetitel will create the most personal form of data capture a local government department has ever attempted. Its sympathetic operatives are all ears for their visitors’ melodic pasts and all their data is treated with the utmost discretion. Their interest is as deep as the songs are rooted: after all, what this is about is the musical bed of the people of the city.

Finally, from your personal hits ohnetitel will assemble a literary POP 10 full of heart, pain and vitality. The endless groove plays, as one can dance for hours to these official stories.

The Salzburg-based collective ohnetitel regards itself as a network that realises projects between intersections. Converging from different artistic directions into ever new forms and formats: ranging from large-scale theatre productions, projects in city neighbourhoods, salon culture and chamber plays to installations, with small core teams as well as with a large pool of performers.

With special thanks to the Arthotel Blaue Gans.

By and with: Thomas Beck, Dorit Ehlers, Arthur Zgubic • Supervision: Sabine Jenichl • Production: ohnetitel in co-production with SZENE Salzburg