Sommerszene 2022

Lehen Surprise

Tanz, Performance, Musik, Games,…

  • SZENE Salzburg
CieLAROQUE/Helene Weinzierl - HEAR AND NOW
CieLAROQUE/Helene Weinzierl - HEAR AND NOW © Bernhard Müller
Potpourri Dance
Potpourri Dance © Marko Mestrovic
salon emmer - TRACES
salon emmer - TRACES ©salon emmer
gold extra - Game Days
gold extra - Game Days © gold extra
© The VoiceBreakers
© The VoiceBreakers

The STADTWERK in Lehen will be transformed into an open-air stage for two days of this year’s Sommerszene. This expansive site with its squares, niches, green spaces, walls and cultural institutions will provide the venue for performances, dance pieces, games, concerts, interventions etc. Artists from Salzburg and Vienna will bring interdisciplinary projects and participatory formats with them, along with improvisations and music, and offer joyous encounters with all kinds of contemporary art.


• gold extra, Seminarraum EG Volkshochschule
Fri & Sat, jew. 15:00 until 19:00
• salon emmer, Infopoint in front of Inge Morath Platz 11
Fri & Sat, every half hour from 15:00 until 17:30
• CieLaroque / Helene Weinzierl, Inge Morath Platz
Fri & Sat,  15:15, 16:00 & 17:00, 30min
• Potpourri Dance, Inge Morath Platz 11
only Fri, 15:45, 16:45 & 17:30, 17 min
• The VoiceBreakers, Trumerei
Fri & Sat, 18:00, 45 min


salon emmer

TRACES - 3000 Spuren durch Lehen

With TRACES 3000 Spuren durch Lehen, salon emmer from Vienna appeal to young people from Salzburg to take ownership of public space through dance. TRACES is a performative expedition through their own neighbourhood in which the participants, equipped with bright chalks, swarm all over the STADTWERK site. As they do so, they mark off whole areas, leaving behind signs that preserve the impressions and outlines of their bodies. They go their own way, taking alternative routes and reveal the individual and collective room for manoeuvre that is available to all of us.

gold extra

Game Days

gold extra invite you to come and play with us! In the course of its multi-year research project schnitt # stellen, the collective from Salzburg has evolved mixed reality games, board games and digital games together with young people and students. The game series Black Day and The Truth Part 2 transport us away into houses of horror, detective stories, crazy schools and the everyday lives of influencers.

CieLaroque / Helene Weinzierl


CieLAROQUE/Helene Weinzierl thrilled audiences at Sommerszene 2021 with Rhythmus und Rausch on the sculpture terrace at the Museum der Moderne. This year, the company will perform at a number of venues across the city, offering a structured improvisation that the audience can help to create. The audience’s musical requests and some preset structures of movement form the starting point for the dance, but the audience then plays a key role in deciding how the choreography develops from there. Here the dancers’ contemplative qualities play as significant a part as their technical knowledge of improvisation techniques. In a fascinating way, HEAR AND NOW successfully combines virtuoso choreography, the spontaneity of the moment and the alertness of the performers with the powerful movement and dance of the ensemble.

Potpourri Dance

Do you have a Moment

As part of Lehen Surprise, the two founders of Potpourri Dance, Farah Deen and Olivia Mitterhuemer, are showing excerpts from their new work Do you have a moment for the first time (premiere in autumn 2022).
In their dance pieces they combine elements of urban dance, club culture and contemporary dance.
They have been active in Austria's street dance scene since 2006 and organize one of the largest street dance events in Europe with the annual Flavourama Battle.

The VoiceBreakers


The VoiceBreakers are a band of four boys from Salzburg: Berni, Zemmari, Lewin and Gustav. Despite their young age of 12 to 16, they don't set any limits when discovering new paths and always work with an eye to the future. Their songwriting is shaped by many influences and is brimming with new ideas. In autumn 2020 their debut album Realization N°1 was released by Scream Records, followed in spring 2022 by two singles: Hate of the Universe and Barcode.


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