Sommerszene 2022

HÖRFRAU Kollektiv (AUT)


©Wolfgang Lienbacher
©Wolfgang Lienbacher

Very little is known about the nymph Echo. Her story was adapted centuries ago to focus on Narcissus, yet it does not tell us everything: How can Echo be staged as a female myth, as the voice of a landscape and as a fading body? How can a poetic narrative that is based on language be communicated through sound and movement? Starting with the mythological figure, the HÖRFRAU Kollektiv will take Ovid’s story as a point of reference and create its performance from Echo’s perspective. Here, Echo is not only a gendered figure or embodiment but also an artistic tool and phenomenon present on all levels of the performance and the production. The HÖRFRAU Kollektiv will investigate Echo’s many facets and in doing so reflect on their own dramaturgical and choreographic practice.

Johanna Hörmann, dance and theatre research, dramaturgy, and Sophia Hörmann, choreography, performance, are the HÖRFRAU Kollektiv a jointly initiated project where theory meets practice focussing on academic and artistic research. This idea was first born in musical form at the DJ desk in 2015 with sets at ImPulsTanz on decks, brut imagetanz, Vaginale, Wiener Perspektive and many more and has developed into a trans-disciplinary project since 2019. Following GLOWING current moods in 2019 ECHO is the second performance project to arise from this sisterly co-operation.

Artisttalk on June 15th following the performance.

Idea, concept, production: HÖRFRAU Kollektiv • Performance: Lena Schattenberg • Sound design: Sanna Lu Una • Lighting design: Alex Wanko • Costume: Agnes Varnai, HÖRFRAU Kollektiv • Choreographic assistance, coaching: Tomaz Simatovic • With kind support: Cultural Department of the City and Province of Salzburg Supported by: Im_flieger and City of Klagenfurt Culture