Sommerszene 2022

Applied Theatre

Als alle Ohren hören konnten

  • SZENE Salzburg
Als alle Ohren hören konnten
Als alle Ohren hören konnten © Applied Theatre 2021

For the first time, Sommerszene is co-operating with the Thomas Bernhard Institut at the Mozarteum University and its Masters Course in Applied Theatre Artistic Theatre Practice & Program, which was founded in 2019. This year’s festival will present two documentary projects that have been conceived and realised by the students: Five international students come together to create a temporary pro-forma collective in a laboratory setting, each bringing their own perspectives with them. They will examine their surroundings and look for the stumbling blocks which exist everywhere and can normally be skilfully avoided. What documents lie along the way? What stories do they tell? What do they conceal? And how can what is hidden be made visible? While the project of the first-year group is currently still in development, and will be presented for the first time in June, the second-year group’s project Als alle Ohren hören konnten. Eine Audio­Installation zum Zwangs­arbeitslager Maxglan (When All Ears Could Hear. An Audio Installation about the Maxglan Forced Labour Camp) was first presented last summer and will now be made accessible to a broader audience as part of Sommerszene.

When all ears could hear (2021)
Artists: Aimée Andersen, Jonas Baur, Dominik Jellen, Cat Jugravu, Anna Szepes • Mentors: Ulrike Hatzer, Trace Müller