Sommerszene 2019

Jan Martens (BEL)


  • SZENE Salzburg
©Phile Deprez
©Phile Deprez

RULE OF THREE, Jan Martens’ latest piece, takes its starting point at our ability to zap in a flash from one impression to another.

An untamed meditation in movement and music, RULE OF THREE is a study in contradictions that – like these times – shifts between stillness and explosion, precision and intuition, emotion and reason. The excellent trio of dancers are propelled by the percussive score of American composer and collaborator NAH, whose music here blends live and programmed drums, found sounds, and treated samples with echoes of rock, hip-hop, and jazz. The powerful rhythms, surging stage lights, and dynamic movement accumulate and crescendo – then wane and dim down. Rebellious, fiery, and direct but always rigorous, mathematically so, the choreography teams up with the music in this crystallization of a deliciously bewildering symbiosis. Jan Martens evokes the restless pace of urban life – a downtown nightclub, the pulse of traffic, the experience of getting lost in pages of information.

RULE OF THREE is an outstanding dance evening that navigates somewhere between concert-performance, short story collection and Facebook wall, between contemporary dramas and everyday occurrence.
The Belgian Jan Martens, with an artistic base in both The Netherlands and Belgium, has a substantial career behind him at a young age and his energetic productions are constantly in demand internationally. Immediately after completing his studies in Tilburg and Antwerp in 2010 he started creating his own stage plays: these have proved compelling as a result of their authentic power and unbiased view of essential matters and the personalities of the dancers. He now makes his debut in Salzburg with RULE OF THREE.

75min, in English

Watch & Talk

Artist Talk in English
Tu 18. June, 21:30


Created by Jan Martens
With Steven Michel/Baptiste Cazaux, Dan Mussett, Courtney May Robertson
Cast premiere: Julien Josse, Steven Michel, Courtney May Robertson
Livemusic: NAH
With shortstories written by Lydia Davis, © Denise Shannon Literary Agency, Inc.
Costumes: Valérie Hellebaut
Lightdesign: Jan Fedinger
Dramaturgy: Greet Van Poeck
Rehearsal director: Anne-Lise Brevers
Technical Director: Michel Spang/Marie Vandecasteele
Production: GRIP
International Booking: A Propic/Line Rousseau und Marion Gauvent
Koproduction: deSingel international arts campus, Théâtre de la Ville – Paris mit Festival d’Automne à Paris, Le Gymnase CDCN Roubaix – Hauts-de-France und tanzhaus nrw
With support by STUK Kunstencentrum & Grand Théâtre de Luxembourg
With financial suppurt by the Flem,ish Goverment & the town of Antwerpen
Thanks to Marc Vanrunxt & Anne-Lise Brevers