Sommerszene 2019

ohnetitel – netzwerk für theater-und kunstprojekte (AUT)

Die Späte der Stunde

  • SZENE Salzburg
©ohne titel
©ohne titel

In its new project Die Späte der Stunde ohnetitel sets off into the heart of the city on a 24-part episodic odyssey, inspired by a classic of world literature. At a range of contrasting locations the audience encounter artistic miniatures that engage with discourse by experts in everyday life. This performative walk examines ever smaller details: its journey through the life of the city turns into an eloquent search engine, sensually breaking things down to an atomic level, then reassembling them into an image each night only for this to be taken apart again the next day.

Die Späte der Stunde is modelled on Ulysses by James Joyce, who in the course of one day wanders through the Irish capital Dublin and is thus able to convey its complexity. Similar to the novel, in which each chapter has its own hermetic linguistic cosmos, the performance creates specific theatrical images for each episode. This generates a finely detailed map of the city, made up of memories with many digressions and bifurcations, out of whose margins a powerful set of associations grows. With Die Späte der Stunde, conceived specially for the festival, ohne titelcreates an urban epic that develops its own algorithm: four locations a day on six days = 24 hours.

ohnetitel is a network of artists who are active in various disciplines. Under this label it creates unconventional productions whose realisation and form transcend the spatial boundaries and formal practice of a theatre building. Together with the Sommerszene it has already produced Die Loge (2015) and Gärten von Gestern (2017), which was awarded the Salzburg Prize for 2018 by the City of Salzburg’s Cultural Fund.

+/-150min, in German, limited capacity.


Concept & implementation: ohnetitel – Netzwerk für Theater & Kunstprojekte
Directors: Dorit Ehlers & Arthur Zgubic
Production: ohnetitel und SZENE Salzburg
Supported by Stadt Salzburg Kultur, Land Salzburg Kulturabteilung, Bundeskanzleramt Österreich Kunst und Kultur