Sommerszene 2019

Louis Vanhaverbeke (BEL)


  • SZENE Salzburg
©Jolien Fagard
©Jolien Fagard

In the beginning there was nothing – and it exploded. On stage are turntables, vinyl records, frisbees, drum machines, kitchen utensils, skateboards and all kinds of brightly-coloured plastic bits and pieces. And in the middle of them is the young Belgian Louis Vanhaverbeke, juggling language, music and objects like a universal DJ and turning everyday objects into machines for generating sound.

He scratches and rubs his favourite hits up the wrong way for so long in his playful, virtuoso style that he manages to create sufficient space for his thoughts. He also throws rap, spoken word and a couple of well-placed stunts into his little multiverse while juggling with props, sounds and his voice. MULTIVERSE is an energy-filled declaration of love to our powers of imagination and a plea to re-evaluate things that might appear worthless in our disposable society. Or to put it more simply: an amazing tsunami of words and images.

Louis Vanhaverbeke studied in Ghent and Amsterdam and is interested in the collisions between different lifestyles and sub-cultures. Music as a means of expressing identity and the manipulation of objects always play significant roles in his performances. He uses clever ways to establish an interaction between objects and the verbal and vocal use of techniques such as slamming, rhyming and rap. With his acclaimed solo MULTIVERSE he now makes his first appearance in Salzburg at the Sommerszene.