Sommerszene 2019

Lisi Estaras & BODHI PROJECT (AUT)

No Human No Cry!

©Bernhard Müller
©Bernhard Müller

My heart it’s the muscle
it likes to work out.
The real world doesn’t interest me
I have this theatre inside my head
I make a list
I wander through
I shift
You are my wonderland
Invisible in the garden
let me shout the rain
I’m not saying more
bring the glasses
like ageless tears
as we drown
we know.

The German dancer, cabaret performer and actress Valeska Gert, who lived from 1892 to 1978, was one of the most influential artists of her generation. Similarly radical and unconventional work was also produced by the art brut movement. These two strong artistic signatures provide the inspiration for the choreographer Lisi Estaras and the BODHI PROJECT’s six person ensemble in No Human No Cry!. These raw art forms, unpolished by academic conventions, open up perspectives on an intuitive creativity whose allure is based on sensitivity and exuberance.

Estaras’ choreographic process centres on the physicality of intense emotions and on the absurdity of human attempts to overcome these. This is realised in a dance of compelling “rawness” with a physical vocabulary packed with energy, expressive miming and theatrical gestures. The original music by Giacinto Scelsi and Pierre Henry plays a key role in No Human No Cry!, linking the soundscape and composition in an evocative manner.

Lisi Estaras comes from Argentina and has an impressive career as a dancer and choreographer. Following engagements with legendary companies such as Batsheva from Israel and the world-famous Belgians Alain Platel and Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, she has found a home and production base in Ghent with the collective Les Ballets C de la B. For some years she has concentrated intensively on her own works in which her artistic interests focus in particular on investigating the connections between empathy and kinaesthetics.



Choreography: Lisi Estaras
Dance: BODHI PROJECT – Fenia Chatzakou, Cristina Valdivielso Garcia, Yun Liu, Elise Ludinard, Bernat Maciá Perez & Jun Wang
Dopuble bass & stage: Ariel Eberstein
Sounddesign: Bart Uytersproot
Lightdesign: Frank Lischka
Artistic Director BODHI PROJECT: Susan Quinn
Head of production: Maja Poturovic
Produced by blackmountain
In cooperation with SZENE Salzburg