Sommerszene 2019

Hubert Lepka / Lawine Torrèn (AUT)

HERDE und STALL – a performative hearing

  • SZENE Salzburg
©Bernhard Müller
©Bernhard Müller

Perhaps we humans will soon no longer be the measure of all things. It’s time to look around: what do other animals do that are more rarely taken as a measure?

In HERDE und STALL a handful of dancers and actors live with a handful of goats, fawns, calves and birds in a shared enclosure. They form a small herd, first in public at the horse pond, then in SZENE’s theatre space. Here a hearing is held for all the senses, in which animals and people each have their own ideas. The goats take care of their young, the fawns practice climbing, the calf holds itself back – and the humans tell stories.

What is the meaning of human settlement? The Old Testament offers a template that is similar to an instruction manual for farmers: an evening is woven around the tale of Abraham and his son Isaac about the relationship between humans and farm animals, agriculture and livestock, loyalty and sacrifice.

Hubert Lepka is the choreographer and director of the network of artists Lawine Torrèn. Since 1989 when his performance 108 EB – Kammermusik für 4 Motoren & Bedienungspersonal appeared to transcend the possibilities offered by a conventional theatre space, most of his works have taken place in the open air: “Our projects mine stories and history like natural resources and present them in contemporary facilities within a performative framework as commodities of aesthetic capitalism.” As in SÄGEWERK. Über die Herstellung von Landschaft Lawine Torrèn now transcend the boundaries of genre, space and time with the world premiere of HERDE und STALL.

+/- 60min, in German.

Watch & Talk

Artist talk in German
Su 23. June, 21.00


Director: Hubert Lepka
Acting: Marion Hackl, Stephan Kreiss
Dance: Barbara Földesi, Eftychia Stefanou
Video: Stefan Aglassinger
Music: BachWerkVokal, Gordon Safari
Stage: Wolfgang Czihak, Hubert Lepka
Lightdesign: Frank Lischka
Animals: Rudolf Vogl
Head of production: Klaudia Gründl de Kejzer
Communication: Julia Lepka-Fleischer
Production: Lawine Torrèn & SZENE Salzburg
Supported by Stadt Salzburg Kultur, Land Salzburg Kulturabteilung, Land Oberösterreich Kultur und Bundeskanzleramt Österreich Kunst und Kultur.
HERDE und STALL is developed in cooperation with Gastein.