Sommerszene 2024

Rosana Ribeiro | Selva (PRT)

A place I ache to go again

  • SZENE Salzburg
©Bernhard Müller
©Bernhard Müller

There is a space called the in-between: between birth and death, between sadness and joy, between one land and the other. Be it life, nostalgia or migration, sometimes one is overwhelmed by an inherent feeling of not belonging anywhere. In A place I ache to go again we witness the performers’ individual journeys, who they are and what they long for.

The soundtrack creates a landscape where they oscillate in a contemplative and oneiric world. Their paths intertwine – at times colliding, sensing or gently getting in touch. An expression of the many unexpected encounters on our paths and of how they influence our personal lives. Together, they search to acknowledge the in-between as a place of potential, as to not belong might also mean to belong to many places.

The Portuguese-Brazilian choreographer and performer Rosana Ribeiro, based in Salzburg, presents her latest work with her company Selva for the first time at Sommerszene. Rosana Ribeiro, trained at the Circus School Chapitô in Lisbon and at the Northern School of Contemporary Dance Leeds, UK, has performed with Jean Abreu, Hofesh Shechter, Cie.7273, Paulo Ribeiro, São Castro and António Cabrita and took part in opera productions at the Royal Opera House, the English National Opera and the Barbican Centre. She is the Artistic Director of Selva, co-founded with Verena Pircher in 2021.

Concept, Choreography: Rosana Ribeiro
Co-creation and Performance: Jadwiga Mordarska, Melissa Ugolini, Jin Lee, Raul Aranha, Alina Lugovskaya 
Dramaturgy: Verena Pircher
Music: “Mr. Wollogallu” by Carlos Maria Trindade & Nuno Canavarro
Rehearsal Assistance: Melissa Ugolini
Costume Design: Sara Chéu
Lighting Design: Cristovão Cunha
Production: Selva
Co-production: SZENE Salzburg, Auditório de Espinho Academia 
Funded by BMKÖS, Land Salzburg, Stadt Salzburg and Bildrecht
Creation Support: tanz_house, Toihaus Theater