Sommerszene 2023

Olivier Dubois (FRA) | BODHI PROJECT (AUT)


  • SZENE Salzburg
@Bernhard Müller
@Bernhard Müller

A hypnotic ballet for 21 dancers to the legendary music of Steve Reich: the opening of Sommerszene promises to be a choreographic masterpiece. The French artist Olivier Dubois originally created COME OUT in 2019 for the acclaimed company of the Ballet de Lorraine. For Salzburg he will now prepare a new version with dancers from the professional company BODHI PROJECT and invited guests from the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance. The central element of the piece is the music, which was composed in 1966: Reich created a collage from the voices of young African Americans who were implicated in a murder in Harlem, which caused a social outcry at the time. Inspired by the uninterrupted social relevance of its theme, Dubois devised a 50-minute choreography that counters life’s adversities with resistance. Gruelling in its repetition, variation and accumulation, COME OUT impresses with its strong presence, its geometry, its waves and deviations. While remaining absolutely coherent, the participants delight with their individuality, but in the end they all speak with one shared voice.

Olivier Dubois has been shaking up the contemporary dance scene for more than a decade. The director of Ballet du Nord from 2014 to 2017 was named one of the twenty-five best dancers in the world in 2011 by Dance Europe magazine.
In 2008, the Artistic Director of SEAD, Susan Quinn, founded the international touring dance company BODHI PROJECT. Its repertoire covers a broad spectrum of styles while focussing on theatrical elements and the strong stage presence of its ensemble.

Artist Talk on June 13 after the performance

Choreography: Olivier Dubois
Artistic collaboration: Cyril Accors
Choreography assistance: Esther Bach
Performance: BODHI PROJECT dance company and guests
Artistic director: Susan Quinn
Rehearsal director & production management: Maja Poturovic
Light design: Emmanuel Gary
Music: Steve Reich
Music arrangement: Olivier Dubois & François Caffenne
Costumes: Olivier Dubois, Martine Augsbourger & Costume Department CCN – Ballet de Lorraine 
A coproduction of blackmountain, SZENE Salzburg and Tanzquartier Wien
Supported by SEAD, Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg and BMKÖS.


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