Sommerszene 2023

Marinella Senatore

The School of Narrative Dance

  • SZENE Salzburg
Andrea Samonà
Andrea Samonà

A city on the move: in the community project The School of Narrative Dance, the highly respected Italian artist Marinella Senatore invites dancers, musicians, choirs, bands, brass bands, clubs and individuals of all ages to participate in choreographing the city. Senatore is not only concerned with initiating social processes, but also with questioning concepts such as public life and social responsibility, finding alternative forms of story­telling and ultimately generating a collective memory through communal action. The sum of the creative po­tential of all those taking part is expressed in a vibrant portrait of Salzburg. Individual ideas are staged in the form of a grand parade through the city directed by Marinella Senatore, working in close collaboration with local choreographers. The School of Narrative Dance is a coproduction with the Museum der Moderne Salz­burg, which presents an extensive exhibition of Sena­tore’s visual art works from 22 April to 8 October 2023.
Marinella Senatore is a central figure in Italian contemporary art. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, and at the Music Conservatoire and Na­tional Film School in Rome. In her projects, she brings together professionals and amateurs from disciplines such as dance, music, literature and theatre and offers them a platform for enduring creative collaboration. She herself provides the initial impulse, otherwise the hierarchies between artists, participants and observers are removed. Senatore’s aim is to create an archive for collective narratives that provides the foundation for a new form of communal awareness.

Current information in case of bad weather + 43 662 843448 and

Idea & concept: Marinella Senatore
Assistance: Giorgia Crociani, Carolina Floris, Chiara Nicoletti, Eleonora Del Bene
Choreography: Marinella Senatore, Nayana Keshava Bhat, Olivia Mitterhuemer, Esprit Concrete London
Production management: Klaudia Gründl de Keijzer
A production by Marinella Senatore.
A coproduction of Sammlung Generali Foundation – on permanent loan at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg and SZENE Salzburg.
With special thanks to all contributors from Salzburg:
Afro Ritmo Capoiera |  Christina Witzmann
Alphornensemble Salzburg | Mirjam Leitner
Apropos Chor | Mirjam Leitner
Ballett Academy SEAD
Ballett Kindergruppe des SEAD | Vicky d’Agostino
Bariton: George Humphreys
Chor One Peace & Superar Community | Laura Humphreys
Contemporary Kids SEAD | Rebecca Anna Violetta Nass
Esprit Concrete (Parkour London) | Daniel Woodrow, Louiseanne Wong
Gute Laune Brass Band | Stefan Konzett
Hangarounds Salzburg
Irish Beat Factory | Christine Affenzeller
Löffelzart | Edith Zehentmayr & Robert Herbe
MOTA – Motorik – Tanz – Artistik | Wolfgang Beme Neumeyer
Muh – der Jodelchor Alpenland | Anita Biebl
Nayana Bhat (Choreography The Mindful Body)
Oikumenia Gospel | Waltraud Ebinger, Ksenija Cengic
Olivia Mitterhuemer (Hip-Hop /House Dance)
One Move (Streetrunner) | Chris Bacher
Organist: Hansjosef Knaust
Physical Summary | Agnes Distelberger
Pousada – Pepi Kramer Percussion Ensemble
Salsa Studio Salzburg | Edwin Lasso
SJuKo – Salzburger Jugend Kammerorchester
Sonicflow – Wolfgang Schramml
Sopranistin: Svenja Stebner
SOS TT – SpecialOlympicsSalzburg TanzTeam | Christine Schütter
Superar Kinderchor | Laura Humphreys
Tango Argentino Dancebase | Andrea Thaler
Tango in Salzburg | Judith Kölblinger
Tanzgruppe Regenbogen | Stefan Vogt & Veronika Pilz
Trio Malevos | Oscar Ovejero – Raúl Rolón – Mladen Marino
Tudo Bem Brasilpercussion | Ari Glage
Violin Quartett – Studierende der Universität Mozarteum | Michaela Girardi
Waacking | Alicia Kidman
Wolf Junger | Blaue Hunde

A coproduction of Museum der Moderne Salzburg and SZENE Salzburg.


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