Sommerszene 2024

Luke Jerram (GBR)


  • SZENE Salzburg
Gaia in der Kollegienkirche Salzburg
Gaia in der Kollegienkirche Salzburg © Bernhard Müller

With Gaia, Sommerszene presents the Austrian premiere of one of the most spectacular art installations of recent years. The central dome of the Kollegienkirche acts as the perfect setting for this giant, three-dimensional representation of the Earth measuring seven metres in diameter. British artist Luke Jerram created this rotating artwork as a surface on which to reflect current social events and challenges.

The installation shows detailed NASA images of the Earth’s surface and is 1.8 million times smaller than the Earth itself, with every centimetre of the internally-lit sculpture representing 18 km of the Earth’s surface. Gaia creates the impression of the overview-effect first described by the author Frank White in 1987. Here, common traits identified by astronauts the first time they view the Earth from space come into play. As a result, visitors gain a sense of respect for the planet, a deeper understanding of how all life is connected and a new awareness of our responsibility for protecting the environment. Gaia finds a fascinating way of opening up new points of view on our existence and amazes both young and old alike.

Gaia has been presented with great success in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings – for example in museums, science centres, cathedrals, parks, public squares etc. The installation was a backdrop to the UN Climate Conference in Glasgow in 2021 and is also used as a framing device for performances, concerts, lectures and environmental events.

Together with the museum Haus der Natur we offer a complementary program. On June 10th there is a discussion (in German laguage). At it is possible to book the workshop We are Planet Earth – A Different Perspective on Our World for school classes. Additionally, on June 15th, there will be a Silent Earth Disco (see program overview).

Created in partnership with the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC), Bluedot and The UK Association for Science and Discovery Centres. With supporting partners Culture Liverpool and Liverpool Cathedral.

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