©Potpourri Dance
©Potpourri Dance
Farah Deen & Olivia Mitterhuemer
Farah Deen & Olivia Mitterhuemer ©Little Shao

Vakuum, a House Dance-Piece

Potpourri Dance choreographed for the Young Vibes series of SZENE.

Young Vibes is the program series, in which SZENE is trying to present the dance genre specifically (also) for young audiences since 2019. The new edition in this series brings a choreography by Potpourri Dance titled Vakuum, choreographed by Olivia Mitterhuemer & Farah Deen. This dance piece revolves around the themes of House Dance and House Culture, community and empowerment, posture, and voice.

In a whirlwind of societal pressure and constant expectations, four House dancers move within a space permeated by uncertainty and the weight of decisions. Their dance tells the story of the inability to breathe in a vacuum of expectations and constraints while the world around them demands answers.
Vakuum is a powerful and moving portrayal of the challenges and hopes facing today's generation.

Wednesday, February 28th, and Thursday, February 29th, both at 7:00 PM at SZENE.

Tickets are € 20, with reduced prices at € 10.