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Playground for tomorrow

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©Applied Theatre

If today’s practices are the basis of tomorrow’s life, we need to question our everyday actions. To this end we need to create room to move, and the place to do that is right here where we live – in Salzburg. We, a group of five individuals of different ages, from dif­ferent places, with different experiences and speaking different languages, invite you to join us in transforming the city into a field for research and exercises, into a playground for tomorrow’s life: physical politics, eye contact, small and big talk, simple and beautiful ges­tures and other exercises to prepare for the times to come, no matter how good or bad. It’s not just an idea. More than anything it is a practice! Playground for tomorrow is an installative work as much as it is an invis­ible and interactive way of being there for each other.
This project is the second cooperation between Sommerszene and the Masters Course Applied Thea­tre – Artistic Theatre Practice & Society of the Thomas Bernhard Institut at the Mozarteum University.

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Team: Cristina Giurgea, Ulrike Hatzer, Claudia Heu, Abel Kotorman, Lilija Tchourlina

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