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Welcome to Sommerszene´s press area. Here you will find texts and photos of events and projects in the frame of the festival Sommerszene 2023. Use of this material for reporting purposes is free of charge. Please note that fees for the use of these images will only be waived when relating to SZENE Salzburg and crediting the copyright holder as detailed in the files´ names.


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Parade Salzburg "The School of Narrative Dance" by Marinella Senatore
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Sommerszene 2023
Pressemappe(1.58 MB) Download
Olivier Dubois/BODHI PROJECT


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Navaridas & Deutinger

Emancipation of Wonder

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gold extra & Kollektiv KOLLINSKI sozial


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Ingrid Berger Myhre

Panflutes and Paperwork

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Miet Warlop

Ghost Writer and the Broken Hand Break

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CieLAROQUE/Helene Weinzierl


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Agata Maszkiewicz & Superamas

Zero to Infinity

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Irena Z. Tomažin/Jule Flierl

U.F.O. – Hommage to Katalin Ladik

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Bruno Beltrão/Grupo de Rua

New Creation

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Applied Theatre

Playground for Tomorrow

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Alessandro Sciarroni

Save the last dance for me

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Jasmine Ellis

Reality Warping

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Silvia Gribaudi


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Marinella Senatore

The School of Narrative Dance

Workshop "Somatic Choreography" © Bernhard Müller(636.68 KB) Download
Workshop "Somatic Choreography" © Bernhard Müller(654.94 KB) Download
Workshop "Somatic Choreography" © Bernhard Müller(885.90 KB) Download
Workshop "Somatic Choreography" © Bernhard Müller(731.45 KB) Download
Workshop "Parkours Workshop" © Bernhard Müller(756.71 KB) Download
Workshop "Parkours Workshop" © Bernhard Müller(1.05 MB) Download
Workshop "Parkours Workshop" © Bernhard Müller(708.64 KB) Download
Workshop "Parkours Workshop" © Bernhard Müller(871.10 KB) Download
Workshop "Parkours Workshop" © Bernhard Müller(897.66 KB) Download
Venezia © Andrea Samonà(1.11 MB) Download
Palermo © Andrea Samonà(1.49 MB) Download
Cold Spring New York © Alexa Hoyer(3.25 MB) Download
Paris © Alessandro Mana(1.55 MB) Download
© Christina Almeida(245.96 KB) Download