Sommerszene 2021 Podcast

Sommerszene 2021 Podcast


Sommerszene Podcast by Susanne Lipinski

An extra. A plus. Insights. Together with SZENE Salzburg and in co-operation with Radiofabrik, the performer and cultural worker Susanne Lipinski has developed the Bonus Track podcast for Sommerszene 2021. We offer insights into the creative processes of the individual productions, allow the artists to speak for themselves, establish connections and encourage you to come back for more. The three podcasts INSIDE, OUTSIDE and VIRTUAL-SIDE suggest how the (inter)national performance scene has reacted to the past year: with new formats, even more interventions in public spaces and artistic installations, at which the artists do not necessarily need to be present. The art work stands for itself. Bonus Track does not, because it says both: STOP and GO – to Sommerszene of course! At last we can come back!

Soon here and on Radiofabrik Salzburg 107,5

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