About apap

Advancing Performing Arts Project

apap – the advancing performing arts project was founded by SZENE as a European network 18 years ago. The programme is designed for the development of the contemporary perform- ing arts and their impact on European societies. It comprises the fields of production, presentation and distribution of artistic works. Performing Europe 2020 provides to a total of 40 artists, next to co-production ventures and guest performances at festivals, also residencies for rehearsal and research, participation in discourse forums, and close collaboration with artists from the Arabic-speaking world.

An important thematic platform is the establishment of a new outreach programme in which apap is working together closely with the experienced agency ABC – Art Basics for Children in Brussels.

Berlin is home to the apap production studio, which has established itself as location for productions and presentations. An additional focal point is in Lebanon where apap is collaborating with the Bipod festival and the organisation Maqamat, to build an important bridge between arts practitioners from the Arab and European regions.

The ongoing programme Performing Europe 2020, which has been successfully implemented since 2016 by the eleven current partner organisations, will be finalised by May 2020.